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  1. Your telling me I got female tendencies fuckouttahere! And I was referring to the post on the previous page!
  2. Sick Philly hand brah!:lol:
  3. Lol I never thought I'd see a workout thread on the oontz but I guess its so popular these days...So what kind of gear is everybody using?
  4. DAMN!I just remembered why I never come on here anymore...fuckouttahere!
  5. Damn first time on here in almost a year...and you SHOULD SHUT THIS MUTHAFUCKIN THREAD DOWN!!!weak ass flicks and half the people arent even philly writers fuckouttahere!
  6. who the fuck is that kid in the stupid hipster hat...ive seen pics of that kid spop up standing in front of peoples shit like its his own!!Fuckouttahere!
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