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  1. I the left bar of the H was brought up higher or something it would look more like an H.
  2. I like that PHERE hand. Nice marker too :)
  3. SHAKEN20. i think the two bottom bars of the first E should maybe connect instead of overlap each other. also i feel like the break in the piece with the star is cool, but should move over so its in the middle (between the C and the O) to make the whole piece more symmetrical. But this is just me looking for things for you to improve, there's a lot of good shit that i could say about this piece. i love the two color 3D and the fill. liking the style, keep at it.
  4. Yo salesman, im down for an exchange. im fuckin wit the name, BREAK or BREAKER or wutever. wut u write?
  5. i need to practice, anyone down for an exchange?
  6. hahaha. wuts up on that wall on the right side of tha pic?
  7. i fucked a some bitch last night, pulled out and snitched all over her face, then i kept that bitch's clothes and kicked her out the crib.
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