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  1. dealing in absolutes is idiotic. it's like saying if you don't believe in jesus your an idiot. there's no evidence for that shit its just a theory. Do some research before jumping the gun. 2012- if those indians were so smart to predict the end why couldn't they predict that cortes was coming from spain to fuck em in the ass?
  2. ironlak gives you genital herpes.
  3. so.. does this only apply to sketches? How about trains- don't they go in the metal heads thread too Or its only kool if its someone u know/like?:confused:
  4. can someone post the teal or light blue pieces from the other side of this wall it was themo and somebody else i cant remember who, they were outlined in black.
  5. Hungry-ass dude stays on that piranha shit.:nope: :nope: :nope: (not referring to any very recent posts.)
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