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  1. Decyferone that shits on point. color scheme is fresh too
  2. so rusty... tryna get back in the swing of things
  3. rusty outline for perts i did at work today. sorry for the colors the only markers i had kept dying. if you got a minute hit me up with a exchange i like ur work.
  4. nothin if u sign up. if u buy somethin tho i get 10 bills. if it wasnt worth buying from i would bother hustlin some credits. i suggest u do the same
  5. dunno if these are real popular or not yet but there's a couple websites out there that put up daily sales. realllll cheap clothes and kicks every day the brand changes. Jackthreads is the one I use, they send u a email at noon telling u what the sales are. today they got freshjive, scifen, clae, pro keds and a couple more. they usually have mishka, 10 deep, hundreds, crooks n castles, stuff like that. just gotta check back every day to see whats good. heres my invite link to sign up: http://www.jackthreads.com/invite/user238357 Jackthreads theres another one run thru karma loop called plndr but they run out of stuff realll quick after noon and they dont have as good of a brand selection. def check em both out tho if ur not in a area to hit up sample sales this is the next best thing. post up any other cheap places to find good clothes
  6. Yeah it does make a better e than a now that I look at it. Gotta try that in a piece
  7. for a battle on another website. whatchyall think
  8. destillery


    whered u cop these? only place i can find em is a uk site
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