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  1. contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of fine ladies in Wisconsin.
  2. i love this thread :] seeing all these pictures of places i've been to or passed so many times. i've even been to superb video :cool: bamp!
  3. wags


    to be honest, just keep as busy as possible surround yourself with friends pick up some new hobbies.. i.e. read more, pick out new tv series' to watch, cook for yourself more be more artistic release some endorphins don't ruin your life and take the drug/drinking thing too far over a female as time goes by, you will get over it and move on with your life in a years time you will forget how shitty you feel right now in two years time you will probably be settled with a new girl, who fits your personality a lot better <3 take care of yourself hun :] go have some rebound sex! you have had the same pussy for 4 years! time to taste the rainbow ;]
  4. bump! fuck madison, it's all about milwaukee. lovin' the flicks, though.
  5. wags

    Dear Mama...

    i love my moms soooo much. single mom and i definitely appreciate her for it. didn't you move to milwaukee?? we can be friends! :D cheer up, Jason holllla
  6. You are a straight up asshole. You know what I do when it's too loud in the library when I am studying? I move to another room. I can't even fathom how you were able to justify turning off dude's computer in your head. You can't control what other people do, you can only control your own actions. Obviously you aren't very good at controlling yourself and thinking like a logical person. The whole situation could have easily been avoided.
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