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  1. The weather was perfect when we went. The sun would beam down into those hallow rocks and it looked like someone flipped on a light switch 0_0 I was afraid tho that it was too bright. I was shooting with film and nothing was registering on the light meter. Luckily that didnt make me stop shooting. Almost all of them came out!
  2. I like Honey whiskey. Heres some more photographs from Las Vegas. The valley of fire. It was really fun to photograph there and so bootiful.
  3. ^^^Thee color here is great! Played around with a 420 (haaay) land camera this weekend. Sadly most of them did not come out.
  4. AWEO. They holding hands! Lovers for life.
  5. Those garbage cans are adorable.
  6. Uncooked top ramen is the best. I use to pack that as a school snack.
  7. Lays potato chips wrapped in ham or bologna. Reeses peanut butter cups and Slim Jims. Its like a salty sweet combination. Best eaten together.
  8. Meep meep. Short pie post. Good jorb to all you who have been keeping this thread up! Wake up. Drink coffee. Sit with cat and read book. Cat enjoys color theory. Real stoked. Go smoke Get ready Do homework Go to California Muesuem, little show thing for Ray Eames. Anyone who is in Sacramento should def check it out. Ray was actually raised here in Sacramento and went to Sac High. There is work of hers that is being shown that has never before been seen by the public before. The show is actually to celebrate Ray Eames 100th birthday. Its kinda awesome that our po dunk city is actually starting to care about things that are good. The Eames office let the California Museum borrow a lot of stuff. Like these tops. They are the original tops used for the film... This thing was neat. The splint on the right was what gave ray and charles they big break. The left is a variation of the splint that ray did for fun. Only three or something known to be in existence. Go home and eat. Watch tv Day ends
  9. Daily operation i like those forest photos! Some old stuff with a pentax sp1000
  10. Love the stairs photo!
  11. Here is some recent photos I took for these guys printing press. I finally used the Canon AE-1 I have. The light meter works and it's wonderful. It's really convenient to have that light meter. The lighing in these last photos is just three butcher clamp lamps. The pentax I usually use (of course) the light meter is totally broken. I thought that would help me to actually get familiar with light and what settings to put everything at. I was writing everything down and was getting pretty familiar with everything. Then I got lazy and stopped. I am not sure if I'll keep using the canon. I like how everything turned out but I'd like to stay on the original path the pentax was taking me on. We shall see. When things are easier...iz really appealing.
  12. I am not sure. The closest thing I can think of is Pffts brazil thread. Which IMO has been one of the best threads ever on 12oz. Not sure if that's what you are referring to tho. .
  13. Thanks. I just looked up that magic roundabout, the colors are real neat! I think Ill use some of that color scheme next time I make some of these little guys again.
  14. Awesome SM! I remember when you first started posting your pictures and it's really neat to see the progress you've made! I hope you continue to contribute to this thread!
  15. Congrats Public Enemy and Schnitzel! Here is some bad photographs of these wood figures I was making a while back. I shoulda took better pitcutes before I gave some away...or they broke.
  16. This is really great. Thanks for sharing your travels. I really like the rock carvings you found!
  17. I think it might be confusing just because the activity in this thread isnt what it use to be. I remember when this thread had a lot more contributions it was really clear what this thread was for. Members photos and helpful critiques. This thread old doh. It's original intention has not been said in awhile I think. Its not a big deal but I am glad Chupracabra noted that. The thread should stay on its original path. Iz better that way. Also Chupracabra those photos of them trees! Goot goot. Looks real crisp!
  18. I figured the person was someone you knew. I also focus heavily on photographing people around me. I only suggest the architecture thang because architecture naturally follows principles of designz so it makes it easy to identify and communicate that with thee photographin'. Personal opinion on people is that they can be difficult cuz they so finnicky. One minute they are centered and the next they move and mess everything up! Or they talk and their face looks awful. It isnt their fault. They people. Moving and talkin is what they do. Anyways Id be interested to see what you come up with! These are for a um "home tour" I did for a midcentury blog I write for. Filmzies. The lighting in that house was difficult. Me house. I like my windows.
  19. Oh! Haha. Oh well! I remember one of my favorite things about this thread use to be the constructive criticism people would give to one another. So I spose I'll do that. Please dont take offense. I am not trying to be a jerk. I just think theres things going on in this photo that are really awesome and if you just did a lil bit extra it would be amazing. So yeah feel free to let me know as well if my photgraphies could be better. Things can always be better. :] I'll start by telling you what is really good about this photo. The light GOOT DAYUM. It's great. Iz dramatic and the lighting you have here tells me I am looking into a place like Notre Dame. The color in this is also really amazing. There is blue, purple, green, yellow,black, orange, etc. Lots of great color going on that look good together. The one thing that would push this button of joy into infinite bliss is the composition. Where am I looking from. Am I upside down? Spooky scary topsy turvy my friend. Where I circled would make a much better straightened point. The light coming from the center, and the statue already draws you into that area. The dashed lines should be the line from the center. I meant to make a dash line where that arrow is by the yellow light. I AM BAD AT MS PAINT. Anyways It would give your photograph a lot of shape,line, and direction. Kinda like this -0-. The great thing about this image you have here is that the lighting is creating these lines and supporting all the shape that is going on here. Just move it up from the left and you are centered (I think). Basically get rid of the person. Unfortunately this person does nothing for your picture. It's distracting and causes your photo to be ill composed. Focus on the architecture. Again. Prease dont take offense. I only offer my opinion on this becaues I think the color and light you caught here is fantastic! If I could capture light like this I'd be stoked! Also iz from new iphone? If so I need to get one.
  20. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! Cat got stitches. She's lookin rough but still pretty cute.
  21. I think salt causes dejavu? TOO MANY POTATO CHIPPIES. The last vivid dream I had there was a murderer after me, killing my loved ones and turning them into sausages. It was a pretty stressful thing. The sausages smelled awful and didnt look delicious. The murder person ended up being two good girl friends I had in HS. They set my house on fire with my husband and family in it. I woke up convinced that it must mean someone had broken into my house. That wasnt true and everything was fine. Still. Them sausages were awful. The other dream I had my cat was in it. I dont remember anything about it but that. Cat dreams>dreams where people get turned into sausage.
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