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  1. A L B V C R K O N S L N O K ALL DAY.
  2. Im tired off all this shit talking, funny thing is no one says anything to anyones face, people got to remember to live in the moment & not off things in the past, where you guys at now? all because your in respected krews in the game doesnt mean you get to kick back & live off your homies fame shots. got to stay active to get talkin rights. no matter how many yrs youve been in the game. bump ameks pies leaks cast sangre nuetron neto roka kops jbf tdm lords real hitters. just sayin.
  3. Nuetron Went Another Level Beyond On This One. Those Dambs Are Dope Too.
  4. There are alot of names that alot of different people from diffrent places that write the same name. Has nothing to do with history its more of a choice. the kids coming up he is just finding his name. almost every writer doesnt stick to there first name. just my 2 cents yo.
  5. stop being so closed minded...expand your knowledge....be a TRAVELER!!!
  6. wats up wit them?? out here in manchester,tn its 2.55
  7. that outline is a throwup itself lol
  8. yeah it looks like leek got dissed by nbk ha fuckin up! all bad ha
  9. side busters...... someone get a close pic of that black NUETRON
  10. well as long as they dont post your same wack shiit wearing your lil hat everythings good ha:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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