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  1. haha shit me? damn sleep depravation is a bitch. runnin on 30 hours no sleep and 40 milligrams of adderall, not cuttin it. thanks for the beef either way.
  2. usually rubbin one out works but here i am at 930 all missin work and shit....
  3. i always wondered where the word burner came from. and for real? a bayonet? have you ever seen malibu's most wanted? do you write b-rad?
  4. i racked one of these caps the day it came out, got all buzzed on the fumes, wrote like a 6 page review and cought shit from 2/3 of the people on 12oz. if i remember right cleanest lines ive ever got from rusto, medium-thin, and you might have to cut some of the hood iff, it wouldnt go down on some can but i cant remember what.
  5. welcome to the new and improved Candle-Melting-Ghost-Grammarfuck-Starting-Mad-Beef Thread. Cmggsmbt for short, cuz.
  6. theres this one dude thor who is up everywhere you turn, but mostly tags not alotta throws or anything else. i was in the courtyard at this coffee shop and i saw a wall with a brick that fell out and in the hole was a thor tag that i dont know how he coulda got unless hes got tiny ass hands haha. so anyway i kind of hear what yer sayin
  7. is the shit that comes in a woodcraft worth using or not? i tried searching but just got people talking about putting different shit in... id just try it but i dont wanna juice the nib and ruin it if it sucks. i tried to open it up just to look and some spilled on the side, and i could just like chip it off so im guessin its a no, figured id ask anyway. oh and is there a paint thinner that wont make your mops look like they just ate a warhead? ive just been using the cheap shit that says "paint thinner" and if i let it sit for a day or two all the paint will dissappear and itll be all fucked
  8. i never got the point of this kinda shit. i think it looks dumb as hell, but wouldnt be suprised if alot of you thought the same about some of my shit so nothing personal. but yeah id be like afraid to fart in those pants, i dont think ive ever had any clothes that cost more than 80 bucks for like one item and that was just trying to get laid at homecoming in highschool haha. if i had a $2000 dollar jacket id probably get some paint or some shit on it the night i got it and youd find me the next day curled up in front of a half-done throw soaking in my own tears. my clothes=cheap and disposable.
  9. damn brought back from the dead after 8 years... but i kinda always did wonder how all the big names like cope and shit get away with practically being celebrities now knowing what they used to do and some still do...
  10. those are some other industrial shit or something. its like super paint. i got a can a few weeks ago, they paint upside down, on wet surfaces, dry quick as shit, and run a mile in under a minute. its tight paint but not worth the 8 bux. and if you take that shit off the top its just like a PT can on addy
  11. i was starting to wonder why people were pissed about grammar and hardly realized he said he wanted to check 200 fucking cans of spraypaint with his luggage. for real? is it your own plane or what?
  12. duuuuuuude for real another one of these threads? just look around you and go get up. if you see someone else allready had it, stop using it.
  13. yo DB what happened to that steel tip you were talkin about?
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