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  1. The 1st Moderna didn't do anything to me, my arm was sore for a day or two. Second one kicked my ass, I got it at the beginning of April. It's nice not having to worry about catching this shit for the most part. I'm not about to ask a sick person to cough in my face, but I'm enjoying going out to eat and living life again. Plus my 5g reception is great everywhere I go now.
  2. Yeah, that's definitely it. This picture is not particularly flattering.
  3. LOL @ this. I agree with AOC on pretty much nothing except for the whole Robinhood/market ordeal last week. Something doesn't look right about her, I think her tooth size/facial space ratio is off, leaning heavily in favor of tooth. Don't see myself kicking her out of bed, but there's better out there.
  4. To be fair, the people having their GME sold off bought on margin. That's in the TOS when you sign up for a margin account. I have to say, this is all very interesting to watch play out, that's for sure. Either way, lots of people are invested just to send a message. This is all going to crash and burn as soon as Melvin/Citadel are out. It's just a shame that the United States advertises itself as having "free market capitalism", we know that isn't the case. Just with everything else in this country, it's the illusion and feeling of freedom so long as you don't try to go after the ones who really control things.
  5. This is textbook market manipulation. So much for free market when the brokerages all disallow the meme stocks. Laws for thee, not for me. These past few days have really shown how things work. It's all fun and games until hedge funds start losing money.
  6. I just watched this on the California exodus, lots of it is focused on California to Texas (mostly Austin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez90rXhMWjE Really interesting and I mean... I don't see why people are surprised. You tax businesses and workers up the ass, cost of living is fucking ridiculous, and you wonder why you can't hold on to residents. Then, surprise! Everyone is leaving. All for what? I've been to SF before and while the cityscape itself is beautiful (hills, that blue water reflection off the buildings when you're coming in off the Bay Bridge), the place seems disastrous. Entire blocks lined with tents, people smoking crack and shooting up in the open with zero fucks given, crazies running up to you and screaming nonsense, etc. Nothing like walking out of your million dollar house only to have to make sure you don't step on a needle.
  7. This is another thing I've considered. The south and Texas also have the friendliest people I've encountered as well. Here, everyone is extremely stand offish and has a "me first" mentality even for the most trivial of things... like making room for someone on the sidewalk when you're exercising and they're walking 4 people wide, taking up the whole thing. I'm just kind of burned out and while I definitely am nowhere close to being able to afford a house now, when I can someday, I'd like it at least to be an option. I feel like that'll never happen here. Or at least not for a long time.
  8. I would have to imagine a seltzer that was 8% alcohol, and made by Budweiser on top of it all, would taste like shit.
  9. I got rid of FB years ago, one of the better decisions I've made. I've heard it has become a cesspool lately.
  10. Was only kidding... unless you want to of course! All kidding aside though I appreciate the advice and insight, it is useful. I have found that my willingness to deal with "city bullshit" is decreasing, so I wouldn't mind getting a place farther out. Here, I have neighbors that treat the entire apartment building as their own house, as opposed to just their apartment. Letting their kids run up and down the hallway at random times screaming. I legit think they just get sick of having the 3 of them in a small ass apartment and just tell them to "go outside" and play... outside meaning the hallway. Neighbor that blasts his music. Parking tickets. etc.
  11. What do you do for a living? I would take a helicopter over a jet. No airport needed. I have been to Austin once but not for many years. From what I understand it's gotten very Californiaish, which is further mentioned by yourself. That's not something i"m looking for really. Like I said, live and let live but no touchin' my money or guns damnit 'murica.
  12. I mean... I've been looking for jobs, they definitely pay more there for what I do specifically. Miami is shit for IT and wages. Both Florida and TX have no state income tax, I'd make ~$10-15k more in Houston from what I have seen thus far for similar jobs. Even if I kept my job (which is a distinct possibility) and just worked remote, the cost of living is less so I'd still come out ahead. That's relative though too. Yeah of course, it was cheaper years ago but it's STILL cheap if you're coming from here, New York, California, etc. My 600sq ft apartment for $2k is cheap in Miami, even renting something similar in Houston is like $1200. I don't think I'm going to be rich or anything. I just want the opportunity to move up in my career more so than I can here, and buy a house. I'm not picturing myself as a Jordan Belfort lookin ass mf as soon as I move over there or something lol
  13. Howdy partners. After a lot of deliberation, wifey and I have decided that there is not much of a promising future here for us. We make okay money but buying a house here (Miami) is some bullshit. $350k gets you a shithole in Little Haiti with bars on the windows and a toilet that somehow migrated out of the bathroom and into the yard. We both have jobs here, I work in IT and she does clinical research. Miami is pretty famous for low wages, high rent, and we definitely feel it. It's no secret that we'd both make more elsewhere. We have been tossing around the idea of moving for a while but now we have made the decision to be outta here when our lease is up (end of September, but might need a little more time). We tossed around a few cities but Houston seems to have what we are looking for. I'm not a fan of the ridiculous amount of sprawl, but the fact that you can buy a house cheap, and there seems to be plenty of jobs (good paying jobs, at that, more than we'd make here fo sho) is very attractive. I have been doing some research and it seems that all of the negatives that people complain about, I'm already dealing with here. Heat and humidity... yeah, Florida. Bugs... yeah, Florida. Traffic, yeah... not only is there a lot of traffic here, you have all kinds of Mad Max shit. People stopping on the expressway because they miss their exit, making left turns from the right lane, etc. We're both pretty in the middle politically. We're both pretty socially liberal... legalize weed, pro-choice, let the homos do what they want, etc. But also, don't tax the shit out of me, don't touch my guns, etc. Live and let live I guess. It seems that this city might be a pretty good fit because it has a healthy mix of both sides, plus you know, cheap housing and a lot of good paying jobs. Also the ability to speak Spanish is something I care about, I feel if I go too long without using my Spanish I start forgetting mis palabras and I do a lot of "ehh... mmm... me ... me duele la pinga?" So what do you guys think? I know we have a few Texans here, hopefully I can trigger @Dirty_habiT by telling him I wanna move over there, buy a Prius, shop at Whole Foods and vote in socialism. Didn't DAO move to Texas too?
  14. RIP MF DOOM. I'll just leave this here. .
  15. Not in this thread, this is for actual street bombing not painting a piece of wood in your mom's backyard in suburbia. But to give you some actual advice, just because you need it... your can control is okay, at least for the letters themselves. Not sure what the hell is going on with the yellow. But bruh... all the letters need to be the same size. Height and width, all the same. That is what makes a good straight letter. Lose the arrows and the effects until you get your letters down. There's too much going on here. You should be able to take a can of white and black Rusto, with stock caps, and make a crisp straight letter fill that pops. Once you have that down, then start adding little effects, but don't go crazy. Also, fix your drop shadows.
  16. It probably would work in your favor. The risk adverse side of me says to wait a little while longer to see how it will fare, but so far it's down 22% since IPO and the downward trend seems to be continuing. I think that people realize it's overvalued. You have to figure in a few months, we'll have more people vaccinated and the general comfort level in regards to going out and living life again is going to climb, thus making food delivery less desired than right now. Your risk tolerance may vary, I'm pretty bearish on this one though honestly. I'd go for it. But then again, what the fuck do I know?
  17. Trying to get in the mood to work. I have the rest of the week off after tomorrow. By "trying to get in the mood" I mean I'm sitting here listening to music, 12oz on one monitor, work on another, and am paying more attention to the former.
  18. It's still pretty high. ABNB actually has potential, although I personally wouldn't buy in at current share price. But yeah, the options gambler in me wants to sell long-term puts on DoorDash lol. I used DoorDash this past weekend, for the first time only because my company gave me a gift card. I ordered some Mexican... just a combination platter (2 sopes, 2 flautas, 2 gorditas, 1 quesadilla) and a burrito. It was $45 with tip, and of course it was like halfway cold by the time I got it. Had I actually picked it up, it would have been maybe $25-28ish. Maybe I'm just cheap but I typically only use food delivery when I'm either sick and don't have energy to cook, or I'm just so busy at whatever time that I can't be bothered. Both of those are pretty rare, at least since March. Once people really start getting vaccinated and we put COVID behind us, I think that stock price is going to dive.
  19. Yep, just like we didn't know a lot about the entire thing back in March/April. We're still learning, that's how science works. I feel like average and above average intelligence people from around the world realize this. We run into problems when we have 11th grade dropout McDonalds managers thinking they know better than scientists.
  20. I just realized I actually said February 30th, lol. Derp... I think it was the 29th, maybe 28th.
  21. This is a very basic level explanation of mRNA, but it's pretty cool. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/why-are-mrna-vaccines-so-exciting-2020121021599.
  22. I have to disagree on this. It's not the fault of the Chinese people, no. But it is the fault of the CCP for covering up. But like I said, playing the blame game does not solve any problems and is pretty pointless. Exactly. And when it was ravaging Europe, he waited until February 30th to close travel to/from Europe, but again, Americans could still return without quarantine. If he wanted to make a difference, we should have completely closed the American border to everyone in January. When those first Americans came back from Wuhan in early January to Chicago and Seattle with COVID, at that point, all non-essential trade should have been closed off to all places, not just picking and choosing China, Europe, etc. as time went on. It would have been better just to take the economic hit at that point rather than drag it out for the next however many years. The politicizing the virus is what really gets me. It's a respiratory virus, it doesn't care if you vote democrat or republican, or what the fuck your government is doing. Wearing a mask doesn't make you a liberal or an un-American sheep or whatever, just like not wearing one doesn't make you some I CAN THINK FOR MYSELF big brain.
  23. Kalashnikov


    I've been doing mostly good at being sober. Drank one time since the last post, so twice this month even though I have had cravings plenty of times. I always wake up with regret when I slip up. I think 2021 is it for me though. Just have to hold myself accountable and recognize that feelings pass, usually rather quickly.
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