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  1. you cats are kind of naive... think about what the fuck you are advocating about what you want the U.S. to look like.. brainwashed lib gahhhhhbaaagggeee bro
  2. however it is not binding. ANYone, no matter their circumstances, can do what they have to do to better their position in life. Most just do not want to do what it takes and the time to do so. It may mean you start so primitively as to learn about human communication, then use that to gain alot of friends/connections, then work your way into a position of influence, then a position of power, and by that point, you are definately in a better position then you started. a risk most are not willing to take, and make excuses like 'impossibility' or 'theres not enough time to do al of that' alot of it is obviously who you know, not what you know.
  3. Decferon<QUOTE>Also, your social situation DOES affect how you are percieved in the eyes of the law, Rich people can and have literally gotten away with murder, and like i said about the caste system in India, the people are NOT born equal. That is true. Boys-N-tha-Hood is a good example--a person who wants to do right and has done no wrong is automatically shaken down by the law because they were born and raised in Compton or wherever, so it assumed they just robbed somone or have crack under theyre tongue. Same with the rich however--if a respectable millionaire is found in Compton there would be no way the law would think theyre up to no good; actually prolly offer to give them a lift home in the squad car. Or, they could have just been caught pulling the trigger, but money solves most things like that. "Yes, i just shot that man. Heres 7 million dollars to keep it to yourself, Officer Romero." "..uhhmm..uh, yeah. Looks like a random mugging to me. Need a ride away from the scene, Mr. Millionaire?" bet that ish goes down alot. paying off judges, jury, police, etc. Poor people cant do that.
  4. i feel what decy is saying---if my mom is a crackhead and im born addicted to crack, i have no right to choose to be addicted or not when i come out of the womb. However the reality is that i am physically addicted to crack cocaine. same concept applied elsewhere---im born into a culture of castes. its my natural right to be the elite class if i choose, but my culture does not allot me that choice, and i dont know anything about other cultures, so im stuck with no right to be the elite. its up to those in a country like that to choose to make it differant for their kids and the future generations of that country. If they dont care and dont want to begin changing that, then shut up and live in the untouchable class like your only living natural right says you have to.
  5. Decyferon- true, but that is not our as western country residents fault(not that you were implying it is), its just legitimately, EVERYONE (meaning every human being) in the world is born with the natural law rights, whether its rwanda or canada. But you are right when you say those rights are taken away from them by others in their country after birth. America is differant because we said 'eff that' and took the risk of dying by revolting against the king of England. People in other countries have no right to complain if they do not have the same rights we have, because they have not been smart enough to organize and take the risk of dying and "re-earning" those rights from the people in power in their countries.
  6. christo-f--- aod told you everything you asked bro...why are you getting all defensive about his "obsessive" "ranting and raving"? Hes merely clarifying that in the miniscule possibility you proposed that law enforcement might be in a situation where they face possible heavy firepower/ individuals with a military background, waco is not a good example of how it would go down. Your original question asked AOD what methods he thinks the govt. would use if put in a similar situation, then used waco as an example to clarify the type of heavy weaponary we are terming here. AOD said he didnt know how law enforcement would handle a similar situation, because there HAS NEVER BEEN ONE in America. Waco, as he mentioned, was NOT a normal police situation that would "commonly" happen on the streets, so he cant give you an idea based on precedent. The LA bank robbery/shootout in the early '90's might be a better example to work with. The robbers had fully auto ak47s, semi auto pistols, body armor(which is illegal, btw), mad amounts of ammo, and went on a rampage. The police, with the absence of such firepower, handled it how they were trained to handle it. They immediately went to local gun stores and grabbed what assault weapons were available(mostly ar15's and other semiauto civilian versions of assault weapons), cleared the area for blocks of civilians, set a perimeter, then isolated and eliminated the threat. But for a straight up answer from me(if you care), is that indeed the chances of people going out and buying $5000 machine guns and $12000 rpgs if restrictive laws were revoked is slim to none. Sure you would have some, very very isolated incidents of abuse by htose who did happen to purchase these weapons, and in these cases i think law enforcement would deal with it based on itellegence. if theres 20 guys and an approximate number of pimped out weapons and explosives, they would most likely call in fed related team(such as the SEALs, Delta, local Marine Recon force in the area, etc.) that trains for that type of situation, because thats BIG. They would most likely clear the area and use what methods were necessary to neutralize the threat. If theres 5 guys with a smaller amount, but a plethora of heavy arms, they would use the local SWAT team to deal with it. ...or just watch what they do in the "numerous" occasions Hollywood depicts. Those are as close as any of the methods law enforcement would use in real life, I'm assuming..
  7. the 'bamster needs to quit living in a fantasy world. ...and also those that reject reality as "politically incorrect"...........
  8. I tend to agree with Steven Hawkings when he said "we should keep our head low in the universe..." I think sending out random probes into space with instructions on how to get to our galaxy/system/planet is a horrible idea. If other lifeforms are able to get to earth, they are clearly way more intellegent than we are, and what has always happened when a superior race meets an inferior one? Enslavement. Or erradication, both of which are not things we would enjoy.. What makes us think that a superior form of life would want to be our friends?
  9. Level 75- I happen to be a highly educated individual and dont consider myself an elitist.. just look at the dudes policies, alignments, etc. and use common sense(..which went out the window in the U.S. years ago) and reasoning, if you are capable, without believing everything CNN or Fox says is absolute.. after you do your research(you really only need to moderately probe), how can anyone truthfully say that obama is NOT an elitist? Refer to angelofdeath's point about all recent presidents
  10. i hate it when people force their beliefs and try to say that their religion is the right one and your a goner if you dont believe something similar. that pushes more people away from what their preaching than anything in my opinion.
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