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  1. and amore is always dope. respect to tomb and his friends. im sorry for the whole city. ok bye
  2. nero grey way back is heaven
  3. ill be back when stuff looks good again
  4. dudes beefing on my street. your bringing attention to a retiree. fight where it counts where people who matter see it. respect for getting up on walls. metal is where its at tho.
  5. respect to tomb and family and crew. he was major influence and a nice person. major loss.. ok havent been doing much since i lost my rusto adapter i desided to go with them rusto fats with the plastic dome from ughh. major mess tried lots of combos ended popping cans and blah blah. are these even for that can? again respect and love to the work of tomb uw
  6. thank you answer... i havent come here in a long time and now i got an excuse. idk why but you went over 2 old pieces. 2 of the oldest in that town. stop being a moron plenty of space....
  7. i found out the hard way that 3 hidden cameras have been in place for months at a spot that i walk thru along to take flick. new clean trucks are put out to trick you. i am told if i walk thru there again i will be beat to death. i lost my pos camera.
  8. he he rong flick oops
  9. the homie holing it down
  10. night fuckers see you in a month
  11. target is the best boston has ever had period if you dont know that im sorry
  12. 89? 98 lol must have been shooting some bath salts lol. i hope you kids dont do that crap.
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