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  1. I don't mean to sound like a burn, but what city are those phestas in.... That is some straight fiahhh
  2. Fucking ill! So legit and convienient. I am curious though, how come the fisheye lens shows everything backwards like a mirror?
  3. mecro coming with that fiah
  4. bryan- (coked up and talking to chris and meg) Ah and look at you two, Quasimoto and Lumpy. i leave more personality in tightly coiled piles on the lawn. Stewie- oooh oooh do me, do me next.
  5. all those wfes and bnsfe are scrapped now :(
  6. I was going to say Futura but the R looks a little different, as does the N not sure, write it out in Futura and then match it
  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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