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  1. Just some advice or somthin to work too as im pretty clueless and theres a billion things on the net. Im just stocky and dont wanna be, but burning off stomach fat will be a start. Alright for meals but a non building fat burnin workout could be good.
  2. I have the bulk but since i have been in uni have been putting on weight, ive still got decent arms but my waste is showing the results of excess pizza consumption. I used to lift alot but i want to de-bulk, and burn off my belly fat. Ive started drinking meal replacement shakes and running 2-3 k 3 times a week. Any added advice on ridding belly fat, but not wanting to particularly bulk up?
  3. my extinguisher has a female valve, that is the same as a bike pumps, so in other words, it would screw over a tire valve, anyone come across this, is there a switch adapter you can get for bike pumps? to turn it male in order to pump it up?
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