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  1. haha thanks man! Yeah, it made it all good! You like the music at all? might not be your style, but who knows.
  2. package of things that i make up to send, depending on what kinda stuff you like and all that jazz
  3. Waddup fellow oontzers, haven't been on in a minute. If anyone had vinyl or old (film) cameras they wanna give up for a pack or w/e, send me a message.
  4. really? i was loking for in on UP cuz thats where it was supposed to drop thanks for the info
  5. I was wondering this myself, but i think something happened or some shit because his site has been down and i havent heard anything about him for a while now.
  6. is this book the same as the movie "Gomorra"? Might be a dumb question, but sometimes you never know. Im currently reading: and
  7. I have always painted alone, and id like to have others to paint with. Living where I do is a bit of a downside when it comes to finding other people to write with haha
  8. reading "Point of Impact". Book that the movie Shooter was based on
  9. ok, here we go. I was mistaken about the "auger" part, i must have heard that somewhere else. Here is an excerpt from the magazine explaining it exactly... From Juxtapoz: "Claiming "Never" as his alias until switching to Augor at age 14, he already thought outside the box. Many graffiti writers don't have a story or message behind their chosen alias, just a nickname that takes on a life of its own over time. Augor's name transition did more than mark a departure from adolescence-it solidified his commitment to graffiti and reaffirmed the message he would go on to promote for years. Historically, the term "augur" refers to an omen or prediction. "An augur can also refer to the sickle like one the grim reaper carries," Augor says. "So it's like Augor means 'death to graffiti' but it doesn't always mean an end. It can also mean change."" There ya go...enjoy
  10. i finally found it, but i gotta get going now haha. stayed tuned cuz ill post it later on tonight when i get home
  11. yeah, i havent had any luck yet, but i dont think i would have thrown it away. ill find it eventually.
  12. ill look for the mag, but i seem to remember him talking about it having something to do with auger (the digging tool), but maybe im mistaken. ill look around a bit
  13. i have an old copy of Juxtapoz and Augor talks about why he chose his name i believe.
  14. buy one http://upperplayground.com/ if they still have it
  15. i guess we shall never know
  16. deff. like Sniper, but sick none the less man.
  17. well i dont think so, its just weird not hearin anything about him and such for a minute
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