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  1. swordfish they must of told u u gotta spread the nega-props around cuz now all yer cronies on my jock -63 an countin...:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. /G/O/R/E/F/O/U/R/V/D/ end2end bump that shit....
  3. agreed...plenty niggaz an big booty bitches
  4. NO! lake michigan is EAST an downtown is downtown so what does the NORTHSIDE really hav to offer?
  5. GIVE me PROPS on this comment please... swordfish meatloaf is killin me with the nega PROPS i only got 3 points left...:lol: :lol:
  6. ^^^SIKE.... the parties always live.....ON THA SOUTH SIDE...ull find everything milwaukee has to offer on ceasar chavez...no joke
  7. bump them last posts MAYNE....
  8. bump white boy... an that pako handstyle is sickkk.....
  9. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  10. not a 100% sure but its a IA KOG on the back of the billboard ridin off poplar...in the same color paint
  11. ^^^i dont know who this guy thinks i am but hes wrong... FACT!!
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