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  1. oh and a lot of the music sucks pterodactyl dick
  2. really not worth the watch wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too long most of the graff isn't exciting, especially after seeing the same shit a million times all the fights suck most of the bitches are busted
  3. Feed Yer Ego

    Spray Paint

    before 12oz imploded on itself BIGMETALCIRCUS said that a new kind of X2 Painters Touch will be released soon and be on the shelves at every place PT used to be also got an email from rustoleum they said it'll be "twice the coverage of valspar and krylon"
  4. this nigga tease just renewed his library card and organized his sock drawer
  5. i heard in japan if youre a real dope bboy in a club bitches sweat you like a rock star whereever it works like that for graff is probably the better/best city to write in
  6. this thread is over a year old and i'm still getting old krylon cans
  7. if only i could give you a whole months worth of props i've watched this vid a handful of the times...the 90s were exciting
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