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  1. Re: Fuck Papa Johns. word....
  2. thanks for making me scream through my whole apartment ans slightly pissing me off on this nice day, watched the whole video. this kind of shit should be left where you found it.
  3. i see the numbers but for some reason i really think carwin is gonna light a fire under brocks ass, if not beat him then sure put up a good fight
  4. i understand, i too would have liked him to atleast keep the 5th round to stand up. but mma is not a secure way of making money, anything can happen. i dont even know what mir is gonna do after those buses that landed on his grill the other night. id collect as much loot as i could while i could.
  5. I cant believe the amount of people talking shit about gsp not standing up with hardy. while this choice deff does not help gsp's dream to be a legend in the sport, it did however get him the win and everything that comes with it. some of you talk like youve been in his shoes or some shit. do you know how much is riding on him keeping that belt? all the endorsements and sponsorships, nevermind the ufc paycheck. if it was up to any of you im sure you too would do what you knew would get u a sure win. just my 2 cents WILLGETNEGGEDAGAINFORSAYINGITLIKEITISONER
  6. mynameaintbic


    sorry to bump but i saw this bitch yesterday, apperantly she goes to my college. lols were had
  7. i got firefox and i aint got shit. wrap your tool kids
  8. now your just taking out of your ass
  9. Re: Great Pictures~ have some fucking respect
  10. jamaica plains?! lol careful man that place is one big recipe for disaster
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