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  1. wow ( have you read what it says?) pretty self explanatory try empting the drive ( remove some old stuff you dont want or need)
  2. yes they are good but these are better ( only this brand)
  3. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD its good and all, only if it were real
  4. well welcome to the new generation didnt the parents ever teach them not to play with your food
  5. maybe they had a contest going see who can boot record sales the most cassie won fer sure
  6. i watched that movie, it sucked ( good thing it was free
  7. Re: This mattress is perfect for a white person... or a black person! hahaha this is a good commercial, makes me wanna run down to rent-a-center and pick up a couch rented by a white person/black person/and hispanic person
  8. The last 2 paragraphs sum it all up http://greenbydesign.com/2009/04/02/the-big-misunderstanding-why-we-dont-need-to-save-the-planet/ The Big Misunderstanding: Why We Don’t Need to Save the Planet Published by Hubert Den Draak on April 02, 2009 under Energy Efficiency, Sustainability Okay, it’s been bugging me for too long. It’s time to get this out of my system, so get ready for a rant. We’re all familiar with those catchphrases encouraging us to change the way we do certain things in order to “save the planet”, “help the environment”, or (my favorite) “because the
  9. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD This gif left out the best part http://www.slutload.com/watch/fcOVRk0NWld/Granny-Double-Penetrated.html
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