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Nat the crazy caucasian

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  1. 1. Legal eagles 2. Saber and MSK dick riders 3. people posting their own shit 4. graffiti films 5. Street art Forgot paint made for graffiti and buying supplies. thats seven, but oh well it needs to be said.
  2. cause this little bitch toy choke is dissing all his shit. And Cues fucking dead, maybe thats why he hasnt beatin the living shit out of that cunt choke. and why Trip hasnt done it is beyond me, but if you think all of Cues shit is ragged your a fucking idiot, please tell me your not from indy
  3. what the fuck are you talking about,man you a dumbass, if you dont know the latest on Cue.
  4. Read Stephen power's The Art of Getting Over, great graff read, you can find it online or wherever. Theres a whole lot of graff history in there, including smith and Sane's stories. Sane and Smith were brothers And yes JA still reps Sane, I think Smith stopped writing though.
  5. wait, ou didnt know about steak and shake? I thought they were nationwide, like Mcdonalds famous
  6. what do you say to a woman with 2 black eyes? Nothing, you done told that bitch twice!
  7. Lets make it a Graff true or false, it might not work, but hey. True or False:New York was the city in which graffiti originated.
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