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  1. None of your statements hold sway... and you're and your mean two completely different things. You might want to travel back to 6th grade or get it right to sound semi educated.
  2. Wait... dude did a RIP wall on a legal and got butt hurt when someone went over it? And Memphis Or Die, I dig the quality pics you post... but instigating beef through the internet isn't cool.
  3. What's even going on here? Are they watching an anime concert? Please tell me thats NOT what's going on here... :confused: :mad: :mad:
  4. That Kerb and Zew? It seems more faded every time I'm rolling down to Memphis. Good spot
  5. that skare color scheme is nice
  6. Keep posting flicks, Memphis Of Die
  7. this nosey was with the gnars I know there is a TN metal thread.
  8. Bunch of shit stolen from the metal head thread no one ever checked that was posted awhile ago. an then some more from flickr.
  9. Bump the SYW cats doing it there.
  10. I think Gnars is hibernating or retired-- but he still gets benched.
  11. the tenn rail thread doesn't get updated
  12. That TM wall looks nice. ...and I'm not even going to ask about that last picture.
  13. Too many opinions on these last three pages. How about some facts -- IE, post more flicks.
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