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  1. the nace an rime on the back of the billboard by the linden plant caught the buff :( drove by that for almost 10+ yrs but now gone..
  2. exactly dudes got a pretty good style developing... but encouraging toy moves and childish comebacks an using this forum as a catalyst in this "beef" in a spot where others do theyre business is not encouraging talent. the only thing its encouraging is more cops, chases, an some possible arrests due to some douche blowing a place up when he shouldnt. When you work hard for your own spots an run a spot for awhile you dudes that dont understand will eventually understand...until then Shut Up.
  3. very well said, an this is really as much as anyone needs to know on here... keeping up with protocal is a way to keep your spots free of cops an kids who think they can just step on toes, lessons you guys should learn. Enough with the chatter, please.
  4. dope spot and an even cooler looking picture with the tilt shift steez
  5. huh? if thats the case that would make about 80% of us ;)
  6. tmf? toy mother fuckers, goo back to bombing science..
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