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  1. If I was good enough to paint in high-traffic areas, I don't think I would be worried about anyone other than cops seeing me because if it's REALLY a good spot, then you're probably going to be seen anyways. If it's a big worry to you, you could always stake out a spot for a half hour or so before you paint... I don't see what the problem would be with that?
  2. I ALWAYS bring a knife with me, but not as a weapon - as a tool. I've found that whenever I don't have a knife, I end up needing one so it's just way easier for me to make sure I always have one. However, I never intend to use my knives as weapons unless I absolutely need to. Instead, I bring a few joints with me because almost anyone will change their attitude when you offer them ganja!
  3. Personally, I don't like to hit up walls that can be seen by the general public just because I know I'm still pretty crap. Because of that, I get up in tunnels and under bridges and places that are usually require quite a bit of work to get to. That being said, I do enjoy walking far off a trail or far into a tunnel and seeing a well-done piece. It just makes it feel so much more special knowing that you're possibly one of the only people who will ever see it before the weather wears it away or whatever.
  4. Haha, I love when people who spend most of their free time spray painting walls actually complain about people littering like somehow they're better. I throw my cans into a creek if there's no garbage around. When I'm out hiking or biking though, I'll put my water bottles and snack garbage into my pockets/backpack and put it in the garbage when I get back, but having empty water bottles in your backpack isn't going to get you arrested. Anyone who holds onto empty cans just so they're not littering is an idiot.
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