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  1. Get at me if you want your vid done.
  2. Check this out yall. Wiling to do vids of productions and chill shit. Get at me
  3. Rebumping this because of the SANE catch. i dont think anyone noticed it. Prop me if you missed it the first time :)
  4. biggups boys, gettin down in Dtroit!
  5. If RIME didnt do this, it's the biggest bite I ever seen!
  6. Is it just me or does KERSE, GASP, ICHABOD and MECRO have 1 car at LEAST per line. No matter WHERE in the world you go!? Like supwidat huh?
  7. This vid is to show them skating, not them rapping. The raps are cleeearly jokes.
  8. photobucket just f-ed you in the a
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