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  1. deal with the shitty flicks, I'm smoking a blunt, drinking coffee, and driving a stick. shit ain't easy. better question is why do I even fucking post any of these? answer...I like flicking other peoples graf again. still gonna be shitty flicks, like these for instance.... and a shitload more of shitty flicks later. peace.
  2. wasn't sure where to put these. I use to post all my bench flicks in a michigan benching thread but I couldn't find it. mind you, I DO NOT have not a lot of history on freight writers, I know the obvious, so I flick everything. if these are not of quality writer wise for the thread, my bad, just posting up my new bench spot. peace.
  3. ^thanks for the flick. thanks "roaroner." grosse pointe kids can all die of heroin od's/.
  4. happy birthday fam. rest in paradise. I love you. I miss you.
  5. happy birthday fam. rest in paradise.
  6. "niggas got hit in a cutty ass spot cuh..." God. "quit being such a pussy, nigga." JUES1. fuck cops. fuck snitches.
  7. last but certainly not least, this nigga. if there is some afterlife, I got a feeling TOM1 ATM, NEKST D30, and a few dead niggas I robbed for over a couple g's a couple times, gonna beat me up, bad. that is, if that kind of place exist. if not this flick does exist, and even though you gone, my BROTHER, best friend I ever had, hated me more than any one human ever has, but still text me at 5 am on the bus on the way to work to talk about smoking weed with your gf, how lazy I am, and how much you hate SLOE WSG! and you can't wait to die. he really didn't hate Sloe! the nigga did die though. hollow point on point. ass to mouth. hood stars. grime time. bitch ima alcoholic. DBC! rest in paradise fam, love you, miss you nigga. peace.
  8. Del Ray. I found a dead dog this day, a JOUST CFC shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahahahahahah!!!!! hardly any of you niggas know about that boy, still riding I believe, and this. this might still be floating around the depths of this thread, just found it looking through flicks. I fucks with crack and prostitutes.
  9. true story. I was at the Packard one time, and I found this peach pinkish whale dog, and I fisted it. I didn't have a rubber, so I took my sock off, and used that for protection. the scribblings from the awkward ass moment is still riding somehow. cool, brah.
  10. this wall, fucking sucks as of late, real spit. that Mince though. everyone else, can eat a... carrot. fucking socialists.
  11. "watch out cuh, she got the monster." Jesus
  12. herpes is forever. we know this. my question is, if you believe in fairytales, and Heaven and all that shit, do you bring that shit with you to Hell? like it wasn't bad enough your dick itched in real life, but in the afterlife you can't get no hoes cause you got herpes. some of you niggas got herpes. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. some of you niggas lol...
  13. remember Hacksaw Mike Duggan? that nigga scurrrrs me. he look like a candadite to have a stroke or heart attack any minute, so, hopefully the deputy mayor a nigga who ain't all anti blight crimes. you know how many times niggas get shot daily in this city? me neither, but my pops takes a lot of pisses daily cause he old and prolly has ball cancer death, and I bet you more niggas get shot daily than pops pees. bet.
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