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  1. Follow up pies, these are from yesterday: Woke up and went to a buddy's house to relax before getting the day rolling... he has dumb magazines and stuff on his walls Went to the firecracker superstore and spent a lot of money on a lot of fireworks Got to my friend's place for a cookout and saw this little fella upside down sleepin' on the couch Went from this to this to this (over)cooked this but ate it anyway Saw this little guy get off the couch and go for a walk Hung out with these freakshows Watc
  2. I've been lurking this thread at work for a long time now. FInally thought I'd give something back... Woke up and got breakfast.Good. Felt like this guy before hand. Except my mom has not made me breakfast in years :( Went to the grocery and bought some stuff. Mostly drinks. Went and checked out a friend's art show stuff, part of a local car show too. Ate this damn fine Croque Madame hotdog. That's all for Saturday... Sunday coming in a second...
  3. This thread is awesome. Never woulda thought I'd see this shit 16 years ago when I was one of three people getting tags around town. Every crew here is killing shit and I love it. SCK, SYW, LDs, FST,... all of y'all. Love seeing the old ASP flicks, and I get a nostalgic tear in my eye seeing the old OPM stuff in here. I've been around this city long enough to monitor the doings of each and every local in this thread from the time when they were pups, and it's cool to see this stuff still going, along with the addition of all these transplants. You guys gotta keep it up though, becau
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