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  1. Sorry ass bitches... Fkc, we gotta put videos of you faggots running from that sick squad or pics of us capping your shit, you faggots are lames! BIG SICK SQUAD!
  2. Big BAD ASS JFIVER, PANSA and GUELoks...
  3. crumb, calo, el segundo, lier, geek killin' it! docfsik!
  4. still don't see it but whatever, back to the msk flicks.
  5. Just to clarify... that dude don't write "rotna" the problem is that the dude who posted it originally is stupid as hell.. I don't know the guy personally but he's been a Vegas writer for years... It says "Rots" this thread has been hi-jacked enough with damn ass shit, i just wanted to clarify and i'm not saying home dude is "ill" or anything, just saying he's been a vegas writer for years and whoever posted that shit is just a hater and probably has no ups anyways. Apologies to the MSK thread just wanted to set some shit straight cause that's just fucked up to call someone out like that fo
  6. Maybe i'm missing something... I'm from Vegas and i don't see too much Retna going on in that piece, i don't follow MSK religiously but i just don't see it personally, anyone got a Retna piece to cross reference? Graffiti is all just a rehashing of something else practically, people just learn to do it cleaner and add their own flare to it, unless you're the first person that picked up a can to scribble on a wall, i think everyone bites to an extent.
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