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Everything posted by "Cessy"

  1. "Cessy"


    :cool: :cool: :cool: :lol: its a corgie. The Queen of Englands doge
  2. "Cessy"

    Kem 5

    damn basically same style everytime well 2-3 styles but Dope ass fills.
  3. Mad C. Zeko. fuck it All this shit is dope!
  4. Smash is always killin shit. damn
  5. Damn that Gkae Goof Pow............................... shits crazy
  6. DAMNNNN Bump The First Smash and the dope ass spot that comes with it
  7. any good shit ever get posted on here?
  8. Hell yee Brue!!!! one of my favorite words to say
  9. im gonna have toremember to NEVER go to texas.
  10. Jesus Ferk!!!! this and the last page are some FIRE.
  11. Bump catchin streak writes inside your pieces.
  12. "Cessy"


    bump Koze and Baer shoer comin up with some dope shit thats abote it
  13. bump the Pm Ofa Shit i flicked right off the street after some toys capped that shit
  14. Jaimie Hammer and Tampon String?!?!? Great Combo!!!!!!
  15. hate to say it but the truck looks like shit.
  16. lots of good pieces on here and are those throws done in maker? jaja looks like it
  17. I like that female Bumpageeee who is that jimmy hoffa behind her?
  18. those akaes are lookin nice..........
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