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Everything posted by "Cessy"

  1. you might wanna learn your history, if you dont know who cap is..... skips be doin work. bump that epser. maybe its just me but zukes z definitely does not look like a z. Probably just me though......
  2. jajaja forrrilz. Aint nevvuh not a nyetta seen a taint pulp fiction boyeee? Hella needed that though Sm. Almost hoody season. Get ready for it!
  3. Oh Yeeeeee. Vegas Represent. Form and Gomer, Dope shit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPvM_uX_SLc&feature=related
  4. Ayyy bra you got anymore flicks of your rockers? shit was dope bra. ill be like everyone else...... Rip vegas thread. bump that epsr though shit was Proper. Som as well.
  5. they do have a graff on girls thread..........
  6. save the hate for private messages. dont need a bunch of bullshit on here to get it closed down again.
  7. nice post dead. need more shit like that on here.
  8. you can fit 20 pics in one post. and dont need to do 1 pic per post to get more Posts so the bar next to your name gets greener.
  9. bump that second to last cunt why with the som on the side. over looked that pic twice and i just noticed it. Nice!
  10. i thought this was the vegas thread? looks like doc is about to have 2 threads.
  11. some mine some stolen hope it makes vegas look a little better than what some of the shit these fools post.
  12. Rip Pistoe. Always looked up to you and your crew. a lil somethin to add. still runnin too.
  13. All these handbag fools needa get fuckin banned.
  14. such a shame what happened to this
  15. Rip Pistoe, Always had some hard ass styles. and that pistoe that Skel did is som Fucking Fire.
  16. jaja you cant give yourself the title "King" shit is earned.
  17. bump tiny pink nipples :p
  18. cant you just post the flicks goin up and down like everyone else dekoe? goin side to side is fuckin bullshit.
  19. Diar killin trains Fools dope
  20. Not sure if its already been posted
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