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  1. i didnt read everything. go for what your passion is. you need to wake up and make a living doing what you love. your more inclined for happiness this way. plus i think now adays you can earn more money and have something more steady within the cannibus business than with an art degree. now make some artsy weed.
  2. http://www.cwporter.com/holocausttattoo6a.jpg offthewalls: the guy was in the holocaust. they tattooed numbers on all the people that were in the camps
  3. i train with this at home when im not at the gym: bodyrock.tv she is super hot and cute and her bod is dynamite. she shows you moves you can do at home and they fucking work magic. im getting pretty cut and should have a nice 6 pack by summer. they also have recipes and food tips. bodyrock.tv
  4. this made me stop dead in my tracks
  5. weinervillie and i think it was made out of string
  6. every interview ive had it been a 98% sucess rate. im sure i missed a few in my younger years. it helps to have a kickass resume and be good at what you do. but yea i rock the shit outta some interviews.
  7. one of my mans clients gave him a bottle of ed hardy sangria. it smells terrble.
  8. Re: Tell me where to go an i'll take pictures... D.C.-PHILLY-NEW YORK. 02/19/10 thr 03/14/ haha those are pics from my old block. you should have gotten off at the alleghany stop instead.
  9. big dick is fun. its a challange. ive had pretty good luck in the size dept of my penis history. my guy now is average and hes the best by far. and ive had sex with some smaller size dudes as well and one knew how to work it. if your good at it, you good at it, no matter what size. if you suck, you suck, no matter what size.
  10. thequeen

    yo own salsa.

    there needs to be a 12oz cookbook i make a mean blackened salmon
  11. this thread makes me feel better
  12. i agree. east coast def has better looking people in general. but there are a lot of generically pretty girls out here. no hot guys at all.
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