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  1. Damn skippy.. crushing Tulsa. Keep flowing.. Digging the BOWZER tag!
  2. No offense but her eye's a bit droopy.
  3. YES! Despize. Drooling on the rooftop "E". Keep hitting it hard. Caught this though..
  4. orarok08

    Spray Paint

    Design Masters Ultra Flat Black is good. I only use NY Thins on them. Colorplace mixed with some other stuff should give a nice transparent effect. I like to use a little bit of everything. Just finding my preferences. Anyways, these cans come with a stock NY Fat..
  5. orarok08

    Character Post

    ^^ Yo, thats The Maxx!..
  6. Yes! REA dusting the walls with prime work. Digging the Pink Panther..
  7. I know of some knockoff paint that still uses the red tips.. Though a simple modified Valspar tip helps..
  8. orarok08

    Spray Paint

    True. For some reason, I'm liking Color Place's Rust Preventative Black. Takes NY Fats for sure..
  9. Anyone for an exchange? I write ATEYA or 8YA..
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