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  1. Carne asada fries again.. I gotta drop a mean duece!
  2. Savme Bsa Sts Soa... Keeping Bsa alive!!! Bump!
  3. Bump golb cent ristoh b16 suma help manos krie yaves mask fekto.... Nice post!
  4. Bump those cunt why oldies. Bump proe mizu keroe hoax... Where's sm with the save? She Probly gave up on this thread like many other. UNDERSTANDABLE!
  5. Bump eerie.. on to bigger and better things!
  6. (Poof!) Sorry I just farted silent and deadly..... Continue your convo don't mind me.
  7. I seemed to have clogged my toilet. Those damn Carne asada fries are bomb but come creepin later!:D
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