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Everything posted by shutdatshit

  1. does that say reak?? ... why he go over rosco?
  2. this nigga really jus put a martin luther king head in the cut for no reason
  3. bruh i go bombin wearing all ed hardy i cant afford to fuck that shit up i already got silver shit on my tommy bahama button down shits all fucked up
  4. swerv gets hella spots but fools on 12oz wanna straight suck his dick
  5. ^^ we know what u write but no ones ever seen that up...
  6. how long ais been hittin up a-star??? haha
  7. Lol was that SRone over plasma a diss?cuz that fool think hes hella sick for being chill with thr hahah
  8. ^hurtsauce and who gives a fuck if flicks are stolen? wtf get outa here picture police
  9. Lol at the douche on the train thinkin someones flickin him
  10. giraffa did put in work and his letters got hella better cant hate how you about to be glad about a wrap? mark
  11. rugrat is about as real as carlton on fresh prince and why does omnod write "bananas" on one of his flicks everytime he dumps some? blueberries nigga
  12. ^^ yea that shit is fat and been running since at least 07
  13. uggh those 05/06 flicks had me feeling good bump g8r jenks kILLAHOE
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