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  1. Get off the kids dick, if you don't like him FIGHT HIM instead of posting this bullshit. How you get saber from that toy shit is a stretch. Seems a lot of LA writers have that style, what you posted it a weak attempt at it, but def not a bite of saber...
  2. Ya, im jealous of him too. He puts in mass work and has seen alot of places. I dont cry about it on 12oz tho
  3. bump the ntel throw on that cub van.. shit is awesome
  4. is the TVC ceno is in the same one that earl and kwest are in? the vicious cycle?
  5. So tragic one of my favourites... how did he pass? Rip King nekst..
  6. he's about as underrated as blowjobs
  7. whats with the fate TFL? and wheres the new fate at
  8. sydolla187

    Else ICR

    when was elser in msk? and is he still?
  9. sydolla187


    whats wit evidence claiming he is buket in his new song?
  10. who did that msk? shit is nuts
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