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  1. who has the interview with emma and pedobear?
  2. some of you guys might have seen this on 4chan and it works play games for points (or you can fill out surveys but fuck that (inb4 butt fuck)) and buy shit on amazon with those points. completely legit and after 1 day of playing games i already ordered some things. nothing fancy but still, free shit after one day? heres the linkage http://www.points2shop.com/index.php?ref=uin1250661319
  3. not takin sides, don't know either don't even give a fuck about either of them but at least they fought. more then most people in graffiti can say
  4. and that pretty much closes this thread
  5. i'm sorry i had a fight in your black panther partyyyyyy
  6. theres a harsh tag in pineapple express
  7. can someone post up a link to "the art of stroytelling" i cant find the fuckin thing anywhere
  8. this dude is the most overrated inventor this century, get off his nuts
  9. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD that mike tysons punchout one is gold
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