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  1. BobbyMoney


    I just wanna say a big thank you to Fat Ralphy for a reminder that I am not alone. \Thank you sir!
  2. BobbyMoney


    I am drunk.....for no reason....again. I'll be on the Oontz again definitley this week, can some awesome person pls remind of this post via PM(hope Im not asking too much) and the fact I should check out a meeting or two at least. Thanks................... :)
  3. idjits....................guess who?
  4. I once saw a bum pooping on another bums head. I was like" wtf you doing?" hes like " shitting on his head why do you care?" me: " I dont, but I am going to take a picture, I hope you dont mind" bum: " hahahahahahaaaaaaaa...., you...haha you needa send me that pic guy" me : Ill bring you one in a few weeks".....eventually I was arrested with that camera....stupid film, damn 90's
  5. You know what dudes in dalmation suits reminds me of.....Community....the TV show on NBC. It's good, give it a chance. yeap.................
  6. I love the nostalgia, notice how ppl have almost always bitched that The Oontz was better at some point.....notice it, ok? To me, Teh Oontz is always better than the alternative(I'm not sure what the alternative is...but I bet it sucks more than this!).
  7. Can I make a Bonsai Tree out of any tree? I will go outside and do this.
  8. Has this happened yet?!!! GO JETS GOOOO!!!!!!!! You guys are lucky I can't make it bigger, lol. You're also lucky I fucking suck n can't make the logo appears, halp mofos? Fuck you computers! lol
  9. I won't pour one out, but I'll chug the fuck outta this! Here's to one of humankinds great innovators/inventors/hustlers, Mr.Steven Jobs!!
  10. BobbyMoney


    I didn't read much, but I'm pretty sure Manga is Japanese for mayonaisse.
  11. Lookin for a link?^^^^sidereel.com Also, all this "wouldnt so n so's insurance cover them" talk, ya'll sound like the nerds from The Simpsons critisizing about Itchy n Scratchy, lol. It's a TV show, take it for what it is n enjoy, like c'mon. Relax, it's ENTERTAINMENT!
  12. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA This^^ You should do some travelling in the Canadian country, also very spectacular in it's own right. Great thread, thx for making the oontz that much better. A banquet of Oregon grapes, rose hip and chokecherries sounds like the best breakfast ever.
  13. Connecticut always brings the hotness! GAZE!!!!! straight fire!
  14. About to stream todays episode of Community.
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