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  1. dreaken1993


    well if he that close it be understandable but i dont even write that so its whatever
  2. dreaken1993


    dont write that, and i really dont care if it is taken because he most likely aint no where near me
  3. dreaken1993


    im sorry its the ebst my city has to offer
  4. lol the throwies say ma, and the straight says maor
  5. dreaken1993

    Who beleives 2012

    hell yeah, this whole 2012 shit dont bother me, now i was shook bout it, but i realized how long 4 years is a hella long time, ima live my life, and if i die i would stoked cause you know how long niggas been anticipating the end of the world, if i could be a part of that i wouldnt mind it , better then getting shanked by a nigga for a couple dollars on the bus
  6. i do not see how all these places are so evil and secretive yet there is so much info of them on the internet, now that dont mak no damn sense and you think if they were found out by, Aj or whoever they would continue to do the same shit everyyear thats y i think its bullshit
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