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  1. ^ the first zeser piece i can honestly say i don't like
  2. bump for: skrew nekst augor (sofles) (illegal hits)
  3. you're an idiot, you don't even know what you're asking for "super hardcore bleed effect"?, markers bleed on paper (not walls), which isn't an "effect" anyone ever wants if by "super bleed effect" you mean drips, then you're probably thinking of one of the krink markers so buy sum from the site store an scrawl your toy sig everywhere with that "super bleed effect" you want so much
  4. you're most definately a direct result of southern, trailerpark inbreeding
  5. bump all that yyy shit (more please)
  6. yes i was agreeing with u with regards to the fact that it isn't great for frieghts if the new batch does indeed still fade, it's kind've obvious ironlak was made with productions/burners in mind, not that hard to figure out dude...
  7. unless it's a freight it isn't gonna run long anyways, an if it's a freight u shouldn't even be using ironlak... the new stuff doesn't seem to fade
  8. yeah, cause he really cares what you think of him
  9. i'm glad sumone caught a pic of my character before it got scribbled on, on a side note, if anyone knows that kid who thinks he can write "seen" everywhere please tell him to stop, it's embarrassing for the whole city...
  10. agreed and cosigned, you can get those colors sans artwork and for th same price as a normal ironlak can... was tryin out smoulder today, thickest white/offwhite i've ever used, i'm gunna run thru caps real quick, same with potion... blackout is damn near perfect tho...
  11. just got sum ironlak off bombingscience for 3.95 a can, no leaks, real thick an covers good, dries quick, fits most caps, smells foul but whatever... comparable to montana(german or spanish)
  12. hahaha good luck finishing high school man it's clear it's gonna take you awhile...
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