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  1. Fugue can suck a cock, same with htea
  2. you dont need to post every flick you take!
  3. wooster area represent!! week and donor killin it
  4. Re: MASSACHUSETTS R.A.W. your shits trash kyst. makin boston look bad
  5. this fools gunna end up in jail for sure
  6. Ur fucked in the head, u got shit twisted. have some respect for the people who laid the whole foundation for yo bitch ass!
  7. Ur a fuckin idiot if you think its easy to do a piece on a billboard. its no difference in nyc and l.a. when it comes to that. have some mutha fuckin respect
  8. hes got his own stlye no doubt about it
  9. bitches who think they hard hahaha
  10. somebody post some new fucking flicks
  11. I once put in work to get mines many hours to get power fuck being broke i sell out of that flowa
  12. i dont understand why this kid wrights spec when theres a legend in circle t a half n hour away that spells it spek. not hating on the style just the letters
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