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  1. Stolen from the Frisco thread, is this the same cycle? Sorry if its not but it's sick none the less.
  2. bump rusle, saw him up in New Orleans at mardi gras
  3. damn that tit got herpes stolen from metalheadz http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5054/5469131338_34346bfa45_b.jpg my bad if recycled
  4. Holy fuck I cant wait to get a hand grenade in my hand
  5. CEVS is a funny dood Stolen, Portland.
  6. that canvas on the right is dope
  7. real shit^ hah it was a trap samsung. I've been asking for felon flicks forever. If that bridge isnt buffed I'll try and get a flick asap...
  8. bump CYCLE Call me a donkey but who does those little characters Samsung? Isle? Just wonderin cuz I remember a dope bridge around my way that had like 10 of em
  9. great scott, bump the fuck outta cash and jade and sigh and egypt
  10. bump this whole page! EGZY TONE MAD LYES killin it
  11. wish this spot wasnt so hotboy nowadays. stolen.
  12. Bogus is dope as always but that Dunce/Ounce is freshhhh
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