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  1. Vancouver Film School did the special fx. kinda dope, students.
  2. thats fuckin hilarious. geezus.
  3. iv never read one and i never will. but i will click an add here and there for ya guys. no site disrespect, just the way it is.
  4. they should lab rat a blind baby boy and keep him through puberty and ask him what he gets off too. be interesting.
  5. yo i just thought about something. what the fuck goes through a blind guys mind when he needs to get off. like obviously homeboy is gonna like a warm wet spot but what do they envision?!?!? like when there jerkin off n shit, what are they thinkin:lol:
  6. i would trust someone else to shoot it
  7. Blind's have no buisness in the world today. lock em up and throw away the key. or just tape the key to the ceiling above his bed where he sleeps, hell never see it.
  8. fucking retard. look at his pic, dudes a freak. butt raped upon arrival.
  9. im reffering to: not posting pics in general Chubbrub.
  10. thats getting gay. 12oz should be like fight club. and you dont talk about fight club.
  11. and furthermore how did you find this thread. weirdo.
  12. at one of the last slam city jam's here in vancouver like however long ago when ryan sheckler was like 12. i ended up on the floor sitting behind his and paul rodriguez's moms. at the time i didnt even know who they were, few years removed from skateboarding and keeping up with these kids who just owned shit. shecklers mom chatted it up with us a bit mad flirty. she was fat back then and was wearing jeans with a thong showing and no joke, everytime she stood up she made damn sure we seen it. Rodriguez's mom was all biz, pretty woman too. i was lookin over her shoulder as she was writing in an agenda and i could see the guys month all layed out, shit was NUTTY. all kinds a crazy shit. i still cant believe how good kids 12-15 year old kids are now. it boggles my brain.
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