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  1. this thread has been on the same page for six weeks.. so ill share this enjoy
  2. good seeing a jaunt tag in that p&p video, but thats about it..
  3. nice post. seeing the cripwell & dobleman tattoos up there remind me of how awesome that spider murphy's flash book is.
  4. I hate to stir up shit, but theres a theif out there who really needs calling out.. Sue Jeiven of East River Tattoo in Brooklyn is blatantly stealing other tattooers work & trying to pass it off as her own.. The first photo was stolen from Jon Larson. Designs from Adam Shrewsberry & Robert Ryan have been taken. This hoe even ripped off KOH... which is why i feel the need to post this here & encourage all of my fellow oontzers to call this shop and harass this theif bitch. East River Tattoo 1.718.532.8282
  5. ^^ it WAS awesome, when the video worked.. hopefully itll be back up soon. Austin TX with steve byrne, tony hundahl & a cathedral of junk. nice.
  6. THIS IS FRIGGIN AWESOME http://gypsygentleman.com/#/episode2
  7. thanks for the tic tacs dudes, i figured this page could use some moar pics. is anyone planning on being at the Austin convention next month???
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