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  1. deado

    Images Of Fascination

    pacer revenge era roe Tuff City Tattoos BX NY 2009
  2. deado


    i luv that dudes characters
  3. deado


    from the Sydney thread
  4. deado

    The Photography Thread

    lazy afternoon.
  5. deado

    Photoshop Thread

    56 Photoshop Tutorials from the heavily worked graphics, integrating light sources, to simple airbrush work. Enjoy: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/56-absolutely-brilliant-and-intriguing-photoshop-video-tutorials/comment-page-1/#comment-444681
  6. deado

    The Photography Thread

    from the last time i shot film. summer 2010 pointe noire, congo
  7. deado

    The Photography Thread

    great colors and compositions! noobs or not you guys got eyes. damn i'm mad i always stayed in the graff section, this thread is the beez knees. As for the M9 i would love love love to shoot with that camera i've even considered renting one from lensrentals for a long weekend.
  8. deado

    The Photography Thread

    props to you for that leica man. i live down the hall from a prety well know VET war photographer, he says he's about to sell his old leica's (6 of em) to pay rent. sad. wish i could afford em.
  9. deado


    names forever and ever, Amen.
  10. deado


  11. deado