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Everything posted by mr.brown

  1. maybe in your next life you'll be intelligent
  2. its pretty awesome that you just quoted pete and pete. old school nicolodeon
  3. whats the shit in the dimebag? looks like kif or some hash, not like any d i've ever seen
  4. funk yeah blup, ck style lol at prom?
  5. 3 handles of remi vsop brand new springfield 1911 stainless n black/w 10 cases of jackets(36 each) 1000 watt hps lamp/w bulb 4 different top shelf 8ths from green door.....my bitch is shittin on yours
  6. i hoped writing poesia in big bold letters would help you get the picture, but i guess sarcasm is lost on graffiti writers. bump KAER
  7. yeah, spoken by a toy who's never painted dope shit in oakland, not one dope piece ever, in the entire town of Oakland, POESIAhasn't painted a single piece.
  8. my tags never get flicked but when they do they're busted.
  9. i bet when next puts his dick in ur mouth u like it.
  10. well the heart from sf has probably been writing for longer than you have. so dosnt that make you a "fake ass"?
  11. that sofles is too clean. and roids' throwiess go.
  12. saying "nothing is yours" is a much too profound,astute statement for fools on 12oz to understand
  13. u took the words right outta my mouth
  14. i'm pretty sure anyone who writes graffiti is a nobody
  15. is it just me? or does this site put graffiti on a pedestal
  16. you are a true master of the Prophet of the 12, long have i searched for the ways make the pictures travel from the Flickr to the Prophet of the 12. I am forever indebted to you, oh great TRILLionare.
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