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  1. yea i'm waiting to see pics . rent a bike
  2. yea nice flicks. i have loads of flicks from paris i'm just too lazy to put them up knowing that in another 200 photos they wont be seen til whenever i buy a pro flickr account.
  3. yonis

    Paris Grime

    on besoin plus de photos les mecs!
  4. in continuation with the first decks posts.. i think it was in like 99 or 2000
  5. i don't know if it's really 'hardcore'..
  6. i honestly doubt he ever drove down i95 with drugs in his brand new car
  7. http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/29/when-the-city-was-a-house-of-horrors/
  8. haaha i think i know exactly what station he's talking about. i don't think it's been in service for at least 7 or 8 years and i think it's already been hit. do fillins back to back, you won't get caught
  9. wow where can i hit some of that? just saw a lot of kuma/moose/curve in north paris
  10. yonis

    Paris Grime

    fuck, i just closed out the page with all the image links ready to be posted. bon je vais fair ca plus tard, tant pix pour moi
  11. yonis

    Paris Grime

    cizer et formal si vous etes la envoy moi une message
  12. sane, smith, cycle, ja, blade, take 183, spone, oh wait
  13. yonis


    good for you. when me and my brother are together it's hell for both of us, two drug addicts just selling drugs never really did any good. everytime i tried to stop talkign to him a few months later we'd get back in contact and it'd just be the same thing again. him fucking me over somehow. blehh
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