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  1. barely keeping this thread alive.....this one is to inspire anyone intersted in becoming a real graffiti artist http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/waterloo/other-business-services/graffiti-artist/1057801518 note- a brickos inspiration:D
  2. Nice Eddie! I remember THK well, bombed lots around Balmain, North Syd, and bit in the eastside, i took a flick 6mnths ago of a towel that is still up- kinda showes how much they used to get up. Talking early 90s random stuff- has anyone got any DAK crews (doing another crime) photos from northside- i liked their stuff....
  3. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/breaking-news/nsw-police-target-public-transport-crime/story-fni0xqi3-1226707485378 :eek:
  4. Amuser, I occasionally see him floating on an old thruster from the early 90s, full of dings and a haircut to match. Gd to see him helping people stay alive like he did with all those street kids down at the wall of fame..:jpotato: .
  5. blue murder- great! off memory i think there were a few m16 tags in the b/s of the x? bump the brick? Any one got flix from the old gladesville mental home?? Also the IBS/WCA prod wall back in liecharddt off parra rd?
  6. Sydney lads at its best....enjoy bump that charie! ^ is that itch by any chance??
  7. nothing stolen.....no reason whilst the streets are full of good stuff! excuse the intentional low quality.
  8. this is what makes graff all worth it- a few key players in the scene.....enjoy!
  9. i miss that chatty wall- bring it on king cobra?? nice VanDalisM......
  10. youd hope that pep's like Syd RR and schnitz would be invited to give their helpful additions to a Syd book..... its the unbiased heads views are what readers want to see- not self or crew propping heroes...... also you would need all the ol'heads to reunite, come to realize that graffs now mainstream and release all the rare or unseen flix..... this would give those grimes/riches/spaces/menises/osfs/kgbs etc etc on the streets more drive to show the rest of the world what this city is all about.... just my view
  11. schnitz posting crazy....true respect for the effort u have made on this site.... over 7000 posts and now going all lines....keep it comin...
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