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  1. crits would be much appriciated
  2. i believe its on the skirting of liexlip or is it celbridge? you can see it on dublin bus
  3. im pretty sure i got skipped :)
  4. http://images.instagram.com/media/2011/10/23/32b61cc632b94cccad1d181961346f32_7.jpg ? instagram photos dont work? ** edit
  5. first post sorry... im tired its late.. but no excuses
  6. i know.. they're all you need ...imho
  7. wont be able to get in on this properly.. but heres some shit i was doodling today in work
  8. tolk__


    i love bringing old bikes back to life :) my 1980's raliegh ... i love it
  9. tolk__


    one one niner.. your a gimp
  10. tolk__


    one one niner .. i dunno what your problem is ? yea ok i like art .. which i'm guessing so does 90% of the people on the oontz the computer didn't make it look better agreed.. but i don't see what you've got against it.. you us paper (so do i btw) i used Gimp? whats the problem if you don't have any constructive criticism please don't talk shit about me (especially over the internet) i don't have a problem with you if anything i would have propped you for your style but now i see what kind of person you are.. you dont appriciate graff.. your just a big headed writer.. yea ok maybe your good but so are lots of writers and how come they dont talk shit? sorry for the rant but some people on here get on my nerves.. its the internet.. its all graff.. just appriciate it.. even the toyest of the toys do graff.. we all start somewhere.. if you cant see graff as anything more than a haters game.. maybe you shouldn't write. and yes your handstyles are very sweet.. well done.
  11. it aint CAG.. its drawing.. :) plus its only cause i aint got no media for drawing.. one one niner did you enter anything? no? well then please stop anti-ing on my stuff :) it may be garbage to you , but to me its treasure :) well done MEKS :) your stuff is beast.. and well done to everyone else :) very nice styles going on in here. one one niner.. get in on the next one its really fun.. and please stop with the negative remarks i dont mind critz but like c'mon serious? thanks for the chance to draw for a while it was a good bitta craic (fun)
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