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  1. lol. fucking waste of flesh. :rolleyes:
  2. ...or Iron Mike Zambidis from Greece.
  3. fuck those other threads with scatly clad women and animated gifs.. THIS is now my favorite thread!!
  4. well yeah.. alex smith is playing.. we might as well hand you the game.. still though i hope to see some improvements.. week 1 vs the 'hawks was embarrassing.. 49ers!
  5. this reminded me of that vid where dude and this chick shoot this bear and then proceed to have sex on top of it.. so yeah, porn in the woods..
  6. FLEMone

    Ronin Warriors

    i fucking loved this show
  7. i love the work of humberto ramos.. i been looking for the hard-back of this.. can't find it anywhere..
  8. cluetwo thank you for that.. but i had already searched through google before asking.. the results did not show the model i was looking for.. this is why i asked if anyone had seen the gif and knew what i as talking about.. should have clarified.. but thanks again..
  9. there was a gif posted somewhere that had the dunks with superhero colors and decals? i geek'd out to the spider-man ones.. cane someone help me locate to purchase?? thanks.
  10. before i die.. travel the world and experience different cultures. actively pursue and master my talents. (i procrastinate). 2 PAWG's at the same time. create and raise a mini-me. we'll do fun shit together like watch cartoons, play with toys, and pick up chicks. ..this reminds me of: http://vimeo.com/11064775 (fast forward to about 1:20 mark)
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