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  1. thats really really reallly really dumb to do :D cops no how to work computers prolly better than you do
  2. daaamn that grape throw its hott shit keep that shit up
  3. did you get the kadism and far along with this?
  4. puttem in the ground like a sweet potato, gotta love them oschino bars
  5. crown bmu obur sye oz 4ever aleas enoe end drama faim ... too high for this
  6. anyone got the link for that philly xm site
  7. any body got the cover shot of todays metro?
  8. ^^^ who cares askem in person as oppose to tryin to get dudes to vibe with you online, hes payin respect
  9. reagan if you on here get at ya boiii
  10. fucka 12oz silentwrytes was my shit twerp----
  11. ok nigga thats viciousssssss
  12. sp cats are always on they grind:mad:
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