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  1. BUMP CLUE AND SANCHOE! niggahs still liven that SUMO life and keepen it kubs, while hitten up that MODAS!!!!
  2. hahaha ok... yeah. and the horse cum thing is actually pretty funny. :/ and that video? are you serious??... anyways if you DONT like lil wayne, dont look at the thread. if you HATE lil wayne and have NO pics of graff than go aleast act like your good at something... go play video games and draw or something....
  3. One of the many 'Lil's' in hip hop, rapper Lil' Wayne got started in the music biz as a member of Cash Money's gangsta-rap supergroup the Hot Boys in the late-1990s when he was just 16-years-old. The groups also featured Juvenile, Turk and B.G. After the Hot Boys disbanded, Lil' Wayne and the other members embarked on solo careers.
  4. no talking about how much your life sucks!!! nobody gives a fuck! graff or wayne...
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