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  1. It got showin too much face and I was just fuckin around with a video mode on my phone to see what it’s all about.
  2. @fat ralphythis city is awesome. I’d give you the same ish tour that Danny gave me. I couldn’t top Danny as a tour guide but I could try!!
  3. I can def see that looking v realistic ^^^
  4. SMdoubleXL


    Funny. That’s my approach, also.
  5. Catchin up on 12 at the laundromat
  6. SMdoubleXL


    I didn’t watch with sound at first. but I was 100% convinced that voice over would be something about pushing the head in the other direction hahahaha
  7. I been on an Amazon spree lately and need to fucking chill. but you can almost find that one little thing you “need” every time. plants. Plants. Plants.
  8. I Couldn’t even make it to that. Work. you gonna have some merch anywhere? (if any left over) I hope it was a great turnout with lotsa love.
  9. i was hoping you’d tell me I loved having “company” over and have them leave before sleep time and I can carry on being mom and worrying about just myself and my kid. Maybe ralph has it figured out. We’re you raised with siblings? im v independent I was always told that my older brother required pretty much all of my moms attention I’ve been told it’s my curious personality. Because I can go off and be nowhere right nothing to do and yet resourceful and curious enough to stay busy/occupied/interested. i usually don’t read instructions or directions I just jump in and figure it out. What works and what doesn’t. Probbaly my approach to relationships hahaha I was an independent contractor for 22 yrs. I know it was just nails but there was a lot involved to maintain a client base for 16 yrs of that. I had my child just after 18 and raised her by myself. I had a brain tumor removed and recovered alone. Even my neurosurgeon said “I can put you through vestibular rehabilitation-but I know you-if you wanna walk again you’ll get up and walk again” some would say slightly independent haha. (Sorry to carry on)
  10. I’ve had like 3 relationships Averages out ~5 yrs each. baby daddy was a 1 night thang. So he wasn’t one of the 3. everytime I’ve been single I never felt as lonely as I do when I’m in a ‘ship
  11. She probably been watching this brew for a while and knew it was bout to happen.
  12. My supervisor was telling me about this and I vaguely remembered earlier as she was trying to describe it -but now I remember. Ima have to check that out this weekend.
  13. The tree in the garden next door fell a few rain storms ago. I get a whole new view now (thankfully it fell the other way) IMG_3248.MOV
  14. Took a walk a few weeks back. Seeing Danny’s in all nooks and crannies of pittsburgh
  15. Someone found my tag while randomly watching porn It want anything abnormal. If anything the porn we watched together made me feel more comfortable because most times we(porn girls and myself) share a similar body type. maybe he’s being nice. hahaha nice is not in his genetic make up What’s foreplay? fuck after reading some of this I realize I have a bad sex life. I’ve accepted it for a few years I think. I opened his iPad for some reason and his tabs were open. Same ole shit he usually watches. Same ole shit we both usually watch. some shit is really setting in here. yall. I have a bad sex life. Wtf.
  16. And after having that bomb ass bath I’m able to sleep in the bed alone again and again and tonight’s it’s rainin lightly so I can open the windows and a slight bit of curtain because I don’t mind a lil bit of light and noise. He’s in the living room suffering from “no sleep and over worked” (apparently those five you a 103 fever too. He has a hard time coming to terms with some things). What a great night sleep I am hoping to have. i may even enjoy some “alone time” I found the porn he watches and wish he would share. Ever watch porn with your other? You know how they scroll? I told him to put some on one day He was shocked and it was fun but it hasn’t happened since but I know he watches solo. Am I missing something?
  17. Last summer I found these sandals for $9 and grabbed a second pair when they went on the clearance rack for $6. I wore these bout everywhere I went. I never had to break them in and they never hurt my feet. At all. Til this day. And it’s all I’ve worn all summer. however ….
  18. Y’all I am in my first hot HOT bath since spring. Like that hot that uses all the hot water and you get out with a very visible pink line ‘cross your self. The window is opened a bit. Could have opened it a bit more. It’s raining out at 65. And I’m bout to make about three more posts from this very spot cuz there’s no one I’d rather be hangin out with in this fabulous bath but y’all.
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